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Tannis picture collage with blue “A breathtaking vocalist with a bright, angelic disposition, Slimmon is a favourite folk attraction whose harmonies are as warm as her smile. (more…)”
– Exclaim (Oct/07)

“Slimmon shines with beautiful folk-pop sounds with an oh-so-delicate hint of rootsy-twang. Her smooth sweet vocals are captivating.”
– Jennifer Tattersall Ottawa Xpress

“…her vocals stay front and centre, and that’s a good thing. Slimmon’s got a set of pipes that puts other belters to shame.”
– Sarah Liss NOW

Live Concerts | Lucky Blue | Oak Lake

“Listening to Tannis Slimmon sing last night at a Georgetown, Ontario house concert, I felt like I was attending the one and only public performance of her life. She is so fully present and mindful of her audience that each of the people in attendance felt she was singing only for them… (more…)”
– Living Room Concerts – The Blog (Mar/09)

“Exuding such warmth and freshness on stage, Slimmon allows space for each musician to enjoy the limelight… (more on this Toronto album release with Mansa Sissoko…)”
– The Live Music Report (March/08)

Quotes from Lucky Blue album reviews:

“A breathtaking vocalist with a bright, angelic disposition, Slimmon is a favourite folk attraction whose harmonies are as warm as her smile. (more…)”
– Exclaim (Oct/07)

“Lucky Blue is a work by a mature artist at the peak of her powers. (more…)”
– Robert Reid of The Record (Jan/08)

“… if one enjoys the finest in women’s voice and song with the distinctly “Canadian” edge, this record deserves a serious listen and a place among the rest of the best on your shelf.”
– Peterborough Examiner (Nov/07)

“Holding it all together, of course, is that gorgeous voice, still full of gentle grace and unobtrusive dignity. A bit of a triumph this, then, for the blessed Ms. Slimmon. And dare I mention: a significant comeback.”
– Penguin Eggs (Winter/07)

“There was a brightness and peacefulness emanating from her and our subsequent conversation confirmed this. These qualities are evident in her beguiling voice and
with “Lucky Blue,” a new collection of enchanting melodies, she has struck gold.”
– Brandon Sun (Dec/07)

“Tannis sings of hope, of change, of making a difference while we are on this planet. Her vocals float effortlessly through the air like a feather falling in the sky. She is a confident, strong singer who captivates audiences with her melodious harmonies, thought provoking lyrics and her stunning beauty.”
– Brent Jeffries for Sound Waves

Quotes from Oak Lake album reviews:

“The greatest strength of this record, and at the same time, its most subtle aspect, is Slimmon’s keen sense of harmony. By virtue of her layered vocal melodies, combined with the sincerity of her lyrics, you feel this record as much as you listen to it. ”
– Scott Messenger Penguin Eggs

“Slimmon, known and loved for her work in the Bird Sisters, Crows Feet and Benji, has released a solo album full of rich harmonies and quaint all-Canadian songs. From the house party dosie-doe and two-step romp of ‘Maisy Go Round’, to the up-lifting ‘A Miracle’, Oak Lake is running over at the brim with solid and exquisitely produced songs. Add to Slimmon’s sometimes haunting/sometimes joyful voice the talents of Harry Manx, Andy Maize, Jeff Bird, and Josh Finlayson, to name just a few, and you have an album that both defines and challenges the boundaries of Canadian Roots music. Musically and lyrically Oak Lake is at once highway, prairie, mountain, inlet, and city.”
– Brent Hagerman ECHO Magazine

“Slimmon has occupied such an integral part of our live music scene that it’s almost a surprise to discover this is her first solo album.”
– Philip Bast Nightlife

“With the demise of Guelph’s acclaimed folk trio the Bird Sisters, Tannis Slimmon became a ubiquitous backing vocalist and a coveted member of other people’s projects. Her many years of selfless service to the local community is paid back in spades with Oak Lake. Her dazzling solo debut features members of the Dinner Is Ruined, the SkyDiggers, King Cobb Steelie and Royal City, as well as just about everyone in Guelph, including partner Lewis Melville. Her sparkling, smooth vocals are front and centre in this well-stewed collection of songs, with acoustic arrangements and magical production touches bringing her vision into clearer focus. ”
– Michael Barclay EYE

“The well-wrought tunes are joyous exhibitions of vocal harmony as Tannis accompanies herself on guitar and mandolin. This album has a full, contemporary rootsy sound entirely accessible to fans of country, pop and AAA. Each track builds onto the previous reaching a jubilant plateau in “My Body Moves” featuring a bright trumpet line. (Full review available at”
– Tom “Tearaway” Schulte Outsight e-zine

“Although Oak Lake is an independently released debut, it has the polish one might expect from a major label – minus the overproduction that often accompanies such albums. Slimmon performs these songs as if they truly mean something to her; it’s obvious a lot of love and care was spent making this record… Canadian roots and rock music has a formidable contender here.”
– Ellen Rawson Rambles

“From the opening notes of “Falling Together” the listener embarks on a ‘train ride’ of musical delights, gentle harmonies and outstanding musicianship. “There’s a Lift” written by Slimmon and Melville is an explosive rendition of what one might find at a Gospel workshop at Hilldide Festival in Guelph or Sunday morning at Kelso Beach. The “Lift Me Higher Choir” features 27 vocalists along with Tannis and John Charlton on guitars and Lewis Melville on accordion. Effortlessly, the notes fall off the instruments and the words seem to wrap around the melodies. “Why Can’t You Read My Mind” and “A Miracle” demonstrate Tannis’ abilities to tell moving stories through music. She has a rich, mature voice that is very pleasing to the ear. Oak lake is certainly just the beginning of what will be a brilliant solo career for this genuine, mature voice.The graphics and CD packaging are worth the purchase of the disc, alone, ….but the music is outstanding.”
– Brent Jeffries Soundwaves