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Tannis Slimmon - In and Out of Harmony Tannis Slimmon - Lucky Blue Tannis Slimmon - Oak Lake


Additional Discography

In addition to her three solo albums, In and Out of Harmony, Lucky Blue and Oak Lake, Tannis has put out albums with Boreal, the Ondine Chorus, the Bird Sisters and Benji, contributed songs to compilation albums, provided support vocals for numerous albums and played mandolin on others.

Boreal has released 1 album: Winter’s Welcome (2014)
Ondine Chorus has released an EP: Towards A Little Light (2014)
Bird Sisters released 3 albums: FLO (1990); Different Stories (1992); She & She & She (1995)
Benji released 2 albums: John Charlton (1998); Benji II (1999)
The Reverbs released 1 album: Not Enough Room (1989)

Songs on 16 Compilation albums:

Harmony Vocals on 77 albums:

Including these albums without links:

  • Astronauts’ Mr. Whatever Is Here Tonight
  • The Buddagrass Family Unit’s Introducing The Buddhagrass Family Unit
  • Vicki Fraser’s Dynamite Opening
  • The Goods – a Guelph compilation (with Vicki Fraser)
  • StevenSteve’s StevenSteve and the Big Smoke (cassette)
  • Moose – The Compilation (with Big Smoke)
  • Moose Lodge (with Big Smoke)

Played mandolin on 2 albums:

(108 albums in total)

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