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Tannis' second solo album entitled ‘Lucky Blue’ was named to acknowledge her own fortunate life and the rich colour of many favourite things…first guitar, the perfect touring car, a cherished summer festival … Rounding out Tannis’ pure vocal tones and quintessential harmonies are the multi-instrumentalisms of her musical partner &

producer Lewis Melville, soulful slide guitars of Ken Whiteley and Dan Walsh,the African kora of Malian griot Mansa Sissoko, the low-down bass of George Koller, duet vocals of David Francey, harmonies of Stephen Fearing, Scott Merritt, Shelley Marshall & Keri Latimer (from Winnipeg’s Nathan, Katherine Wheatley, Jude Vadala, and The Dust Poets, Slimmon nieces and so much more, including the crows of a Bhutanese rooster!

Ten original tunes and two Melville covers pay tribute to Canada’s past in ‘Underground Railroad’, reveal the gut-wrenchingly human side of war in ‘Edmonton’, and blow wind through your hair on an attitude-changing ride in ‘My Bike’.

The beautiful blue album package was put together by Hydesmith Communications and features artistic works by many talented visual artists from Tannis’ community of Guelph and beyond: Pearl Van Geest, Nick Craine, Carolyn Riddell, Dean Palmer, Candace Sepulis, Greg Denton, Ellen Beeken and Sona Mincoff, including a portrait by Mendelson Joe. Nick Craine colourized Dean Palmer's black and white photo (part of the 'Green Room Series') for the front cover and also designed the gallery walls on the inside of the digipak and the booklet centrefold.

Lucky Blue
Accolades, Reviews and songs on Myspace


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Oak Lake is Tannis' first solo album.
Named after her hometown on the Canadian Prairies, the album is a tip of the hat to her early musical roots. Eight original tunes and two covers complete this sweet roots/rock production.
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Oak Lake was selected for a 2002 Porcupine Award for 'Steve's Favourite Album of 2001'. The citation reads: "This independent release by veteran performer Tannis Slimmon (Bird Sisters, Benji) was long overdue. However, if Tannis had done this before now, it would have probably suffered being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As it is, the world is ready for Oak Lake now. She has assembled an impressive cast of players who she loves, and they love her, and it all shows on this incredibly enjoyable album. The songs are good, solid pop songs, delivered with beautiful  production. How can you tell when an album is really good? Because when it finishes you think, that can't be it! Is it over already. Better put it on again. And that probably says more for this project than anything else I can add. It's just really good stuff that you can't get enough of. "

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